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Nicu Heart Donation

Words from Cody - So 7 years ago I found my hero. Stay with it will be long but  worth it . 7 years ago my youngest son was born. But not with out a stint of bad luck ( like his old man) well he tryed  to take a drink on way out and had water/ fluid in his lungs so he went to nicu. He spent days in there. kathy did her time to heal  and then was released and  sent to a hotel  but the nurses stayed with him and kept working with him and us. Luke was big he was 7 lbs and both the baby's around him were less then a lbs but they helped and took care  of him. I have tryed to figure out a way to help and say thank you for 7 year. I finally found a way and I know I not alone . If you even needed nicu you know what I feel. So I am offering these at 100% proceed  going to nicu ill start in regina witch helped me  and if enough interest  ill move on to other childrens hospitals in Canada in areas that there bought. they are 6x6.
There is no tax on these and if they need shipping it is $3.