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  • Coloured Butterflies


    New! These unique coloured butterflies come in various sizes, so the price reflects the sizes. They are hand coloured and then powder coated to lock in the colours. If these are going outdoors they can change colour in the sunlight over time. 

    Sizes they come in are the open winged ones are 9" wide $29.99 , 18" wide $64.99, or 24" wide $119.00. The side view butterfly comes in 10" tall $29.99, 18" tall $64.99, or 24" tall $119.99. 

    **We will be adding straight black, or copper stock as well to the website but they are not up yet and will be priced accordingly. If you were interested in the black, or copper style please email and we would be happy to give a price and create what you were looking for. This option would be more durable for the outdoors.